The Story

Women love beer too, but haven't always been included in the merch. This shop is for women who proudly own their love of beer.

During a zoom call with our local Beer Ladies club, we got onto the topic of beer labels and branding. Naturally the topic of objectification in branding came up with lots of eye-rolls. That's a bigger problem but what really struck me was that the extent of women and hops being put together in a design was as Hula skirt. Meh.

In parallel, I'd been thinking of putting together some sort of merchandise specifically for women and was playing with designs for hops, barley, water and yeast to submit to Amazon. I flipped the hop around and immediately thought it looked like a face with hair - a female hop head!

I got really excited and started playing around to see how many characters I could create. I then whittled them down to 6, keeping in mind that I wanted to be as inclusive as possible so that everyone could "find their favourite hop head" (mine is Citra). 

After some market research with two different groups of beer-ladies, I started releasing one design at a time onto Amazon Merch. 

I shared some of the initial thinking on Twitter and it exploded. Some of the most common requests were for global shipping, extended sizes and more varied designs. And here we are, with a whole new shop. I appreciate the feedback tremendously.

Thanks for the support and please share with your friends! 

Chase the dank, savour the juicy and celebrate the bitter with these female hop heads. Keep an eye out for other styles designed with women in mind. 


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